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Tidbits are tips and news items that will be informative and helpful to you.

Less Accounting - A Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Solution
I recently became certified in Less Accounting, a cloud-based bookkeeping software that offers unlimited transactions, users, support and tips and, according to the website, happiness. All this for $36 per month, with no contracts and no commitments.    You can check it out here:

The High Price of Bad Bookkeeping
Small business owners have to wear many hats -- so many that often the bookkeeper's hat stays on the rack.  That can be a costly decision, though.  This article from the New York Times explains just how costly:
The solution: hire an independent bookkeeper!

Correcting a Bank Deposit 

Sometimes QuickBooks users receive payment for an invoice and the funds go into the Undeposited Funds account.  Then when the user actually deposits the funds in the bank, he just uses "make deposits" in QuickBooks.  When the bank statement is reconciled, it works because the QB bank account shows the funds.  However, QB also still shows the funds in Undeposited Funds.  This overstates the user's income.  It's easy to correct this mistake without messing up your bank reconciliation, and I made a short video on how to do just that!  You can watch it by clicking here:    

Wave Accounting
I recently joined the Wave Accounting Pro network, which means that I offer support to users of this entirely web-based accounting software.  QuickBooks is definitely my first love, but Wave Accounting has some nice features, and the price just can't be beat: it's free.  If you're interested in learning more, you can check it out at .

Free online accounting software for small businesses -- Wave

QuickBooks Online

In the fall of 2012, Intuit recently began offering certification in QuickBooks Online.  I had been using QBO for about 9 months so I could assist clients, but I never really delved deeply into it.  I took the certification courses and on Saturday, November 03, 2012, I passed the certification exam.  I now have this lovely blue logo to display on my website and business cards!
More importantly, I learned so much from the certification courses that I now see QBO's full potential and look forward to recommending this "cloud" software to clients for whom it will be a good fit. It's pretty great.

Becoming Dual Platform

Mid-way through 2012, I purchased a 13" MacBook Pro laptop computer so that I can better support my QuickBooks for Mac clients.  I'm still climbing the Mac learning curve, so I'm looking for all the help I can find.   A computer-teacher friend who used both Mac and Windows computers for years -- making her "dual-platform"  -- has been a great help in general Mac knowledge, which is what I lack at this point.  

I've also found Little Square, Intuit's e-zine for QuickBooks for Mac, to be a great resource for the differences in QuickBooks between the platforms.  Check it out at http://www.qblittlesquare.com/ 

In honor of my move to dual-platform and our QB for Mac friends, here are some keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks for Mac.

General Keys
 QuickBooks > Preferences  Command + , (comma)
 QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooks  Command + H
 QuickBooks > Hide Others  Option + Command + H
 QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooks  Command + Q
 File > New Company  Option + Command + N
 File > Open Company  Command + O
 File > Close Company  Option + Command + W
 File > Close window  Command + W
 File > Print  Command + P
 Window > Minimize  Command + M
 Help > QuickBooks Help  Command + ?
 Display contextual menu  Control + click
 Display product and company file information  Command +1

The QB for Mac Dates shortcuts are very similar to those in QB for Windows.  HOORAY!
Dates Shortcut
 Next day  + (plus key)
 Previous day  - (minus key)
 Today  t
 First day of the week  w
 Last day of the week  k
 First day of the month  m
 Last day of the month  h
 First day of the year  y
 Last day of the year  r

Bookkeeper Certification
I'm pleased to announce that as of May 01, 2012, I earned a Bookkeeper Certification from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers.  I earned the certification by studying the NACPB's texts and passing a three-part online exam.  I can now proudly display the certification logo.

Tired of mousing around?
If you're tired of clicking your mouse to get to your next destination in QuickBooks for Windows, here are a few keyboard shortcuts to try.  

 General Key(s) 
 To start QuickBooks without a company file 
 CTRL + double‐click  
 To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window)  
 ALT (while opening)
 Display information about QuickBooks  F2
 Cancel  ESC
 Record (when black border is around OK, Next, or Prev Button)  Enter
 Record (always)  CTRL + Enter
 Close QuickBooks  ALT + F4
 Dates Key 
 Next Day  +  (plus key)
 Previous Day   -   (minus key) 
 Today   T
 First day of the week  W
 Last day of the week  K
 First day of the month  M
 Last day of the month  H
 First day of the year  Y
 Last day of the year  R
 Date calendar  ALT + down arrow

Loving the Attach Documents Feature

QuickBooks 2012 has a new feature that I love (okay, really, really like a lot): Attached Documents.  In QB 2010 and 2011, it was a fee-based feature, but it is included in QB 2012.

Using the Attach Documents feature, I can attach receipts to a vendor, signed contracts to a customer, employment forms to an employee.  I especially like it for those receipts printed on thermal paper that fade to blank within a year or so.  

It's a fabulous feature that makes finding documents so much easier.  Give it a try if you haven't used it yet.
Free online accounting software for small businesses -- Wave
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